SINOTECH CCS Successfully Delivers the World’s First Carbon Capture Systems for Bulk Carrier

On January 9, 2024, SINOTECH CCS marked a historic achievement with the successful delivery of the world’s first bulk carrier carbon capture systems for the Victoria vessel.

Throughout the entire process, SINOTECH demonstrated its comprehensive engineering technology and complementary solution capabilities. SINOTECH not only tailored a system for shipowners that simultaneously meets the requirements of the International Maritime Organization for EGCS and Carbon Capture System but also equipped the system with its independently developed absorption solvent technology. This solvent features high absorption efficiency, large absorption capacity, high resolution rate, low resolution temperature, and low corrosion characteristics, effectively reducing energy consumption during resolution and enhancing the overall energy efficiency index of the carbon capture system.

Furthermore, the system incorporates the company’s independently developed carbon capture control and monitoring systems, used for real-time monitoring and recording of sulfur and carbon emission data. Particularly noteworthy is SINOTECH’s design and installation of a wind power generation device for the system, not only achieving zero consumption of original ship power during carbon capture operation but also enabling the vessel to achieve negative carbon emissions. This achievement has garnered high recognition from shipowners.

Mr. Phil Gao, General Manager of SINOTECH CCS, expressed that, “the carbon capture technology stands as a pivotal initiative, leading the charge for sustainable development in the shipping industry. As pioneers and champions of green shipping, SINOTECH CCS bears a significant responsibility. We are dedicated to spearheading industry progress, fostering green innovation, and actively contributing to Earth’s preservation. The success of this project serves as a motivating force propelling us resolutely towards our established goals.”

Mr. Junqin Wang, Deputy General Manager of WE Shipyard, highlighted that carbon emissions from bulk carriers, a pivotal concern within the global shipping industry, have consistently been in focus. The successful execution of the carbon capture retrofit project not only plays a role in reducing carbon emissions from bulk carriers, thereby alleviating environmental burdens, but also provides invaluable experience and serves as a demonstrative model for the global shipping industry as it navigates towards low-carbon development.

Mr. Spiros Contopoulos, Chief Technology Officer of Victoria Shipping, underscored that onboard carbon capture systems embody a green technology with vast potential, serving as a pivotal force in the decarbonization journey of the shipping industry. The collaboration with SINOTECH CCS and WE Shipyard, coupled with the onboard installation of the carbon capture system, unequivocally demonstrates the practicality of this technology in the maritime sector. It stands as a substantial contribution towards mitigating carbon dioxide emissions in the shipping industry.

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