SMDERI Receives Orders for Several Green Power Systems

Recently, CSSC Shanghai Marine Diesel Engine Research institute (SMDERI) has successively taken orders for new energy cruise ship on Xiangjiang River, marine rescue ship in Leshan and Dingheng 6400DWT chemical tanker (6 sets of ships) project.

Xiangjiang River new energy cruise ship has a total length of 50.8 meters, a width of 14 meters and a capacity of 398 passengers, which is mainly used for waterfront sightseeing tours in scenic spots and urban areas. SMDERI will provide 4 sets of battery packs and 2 sets of generator sets to drive 2 sets of main thrust motors and 1 set of side thrusting device to power the whole ship through the DC group grid power system.

Leshan marine rescue ship is mainly used for marine rescue in inland waters with better tugboat function. SMDERI will provide two sets of tandem propellers, main power distribution board, remote control system, PTI/PTH motor drive and control system, PTI/PTH motors and a whole host of other hybrid systems.

In addition, SMDERI also won the bidding of 6 ship sets of 6400-dwt chemical ship DC group network electric propulsion system. This is another deep cooperation between SMDERI and Shanghai Dingheng Shipping.

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