China’s First Commercial Hydrogen Fuel Cell-Powered Excursion Ship Launched

Recently, the hydrogen fuel cell-powered ship “Xihai Xinyuan 1” designed and supervised by Wuhan science and technology ship Limited(WUT Ship) was successfully launched. This is the first commercial hydrogen fuel cell-powered excursion ship in China, and also the first hydrogen fuel cell-powered ship in Jiangxi Province.

” Xihai Xinyuan 1″ is a new energy ship with international advanced characteristics. The ship is features of safety and reliability, zero pollution and zero emission, high comfort, low energy consumption and low noise.

The ship has an overall length of 23.65 m, a beam of 5.5 m, a depth of 2.4 m, a design draft of 0.95 m, a crew of 3, a capacity of 22 passengers, and a maximum speed of 25 Km/h. The whole ship is aluminum alloy structure and adopts dual motor and dual propeller propulsion. The ship powered by hydrogen fuel cell and lithium battery hybrid dual power system.

The vessel can utilize hydrogen fuel cell as the main energy source, and use lithium battery pack to compensate for fluctuating load conditions, charging the lithium battery pack in case of power surplus, and replenishing the lithium battery pack in case of power shortage, with an endurance of about 4 hours.

Yangzijiang Shipbuilding

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