James Fisher doubles up on chemical tanker newbuildings in China

UK tanker owner James Fisher has exercised an option on two 6,000 dwt liquefied natural gas (LNG) chemical tanker with China Merchants Jinling Shipyard in Yangzhou (CMJL Yangzhou).

In October 2023, James Fisher signed a contract with CMJL Yangzhou for the construction of 2+2 6,000 DWT LNG Dual Fuel chemical tankers, this time with 2 options in force.

The series of vessels are scheduled for delivery from 2025 to 2026. The cost of a single vessel is between $27 million and $28 million, and the total value of the order is about $112 million (about RMB 802 million).

The four new units will be of the same design as the two units of the same type ordered by James Fisher at CMJL Yangzhou in 2021.

The vessel is 93 meters long, 17 meters wide, 8.7 meters deep, 6 meters design draft, 6.7 meters structural draft, 11 knots service speed, 12 cargo holds, 5,000 nautical miles range, classed by BV. The ship features MARINE LINE specially coated cargo hold, and the main engine is dual fuel main engine of Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), Korea. The ship is equipped with high pressure water mist system instead of CO2 system. Also, the ship is equipped with waste heat recovery system for energy saving.

Yangzijiang Shipbuilding

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