Shandong Marine Group Uses Biofuel for Ocean Shipping Vessels for the First Time

Recently, SDTR Marine Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Shandong Marine Group, cooperated with Cargill, a world-renowned company, to refuel its MV.SDTR DORA with biofuel B24 VLSFO for the first time.

The sulfur content of biofuels is lower than that of traditional low-sulfur fuel oils for ships, and biofuels produce fewer emissions of sulfur dioxide and other particulate matter, which are important for improving air quality, reducing the health risks to crew members, and upgrading the human living environment.

In recent years, Shandong Ocean Group has successively researched and built China’s first green and intelligent inland waterway ship, implemented China’s first cooperation project on the application and industrialization of carbon capture system for new shipbuilding, delivered a new type of bulk carrier that meets the TIER III emission standard of the IMO, and received AIP certification issued by CCS for the 85,000 dwt ammonia-fueled bulk carrier, which has vigorously promoted the transformation of the shipping industry into low-carbon and zero-carbon ships in China.

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