CSSC Wuhan Marine Machinery Receives Order for 1,000-Ton full-circle slewing crane

Recently, CSSC Wuhan Marine Machinery has received an order for a full-circle slewing crane, the core equipment of the 1000-ton crane ship from China Railway Construction Bridge Engineering Bureau Group Co.

The full-circle slewing crane is designed with an overall length of 130 meters, a beam of 37.2 meters and a depth of 8.8 meters. The lifting capacity of the main crane can reach 1,300 tons under fixed tail lifting condition and 1,000 tons under full slewing condition, and the maximum height of lifting is 90 meters above the deck. The vessel is mainly used for bridge construction operations such as steel box girder lifting, concrete box girder lifting, steel cofferdam installation and steel pipe pile insertion and driving.

Distinguished from the general full slewing floating crane ship, the ship’s 1,000-ton full slewing crane in the bridge through the A-frame has a quick release function. After lowered, the navigable height of the whole ship above the waterline is not more than 24 meters, and the highest place of the crane is not more than 20.5m away from the main deck, which greatly improves the navigability.

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