Hudong-zhonghua shipbuilding named and delivered the world’s first 13,000 TEU dual-fuel-powered large container ship

On December 7, Hudong-Zhonghua named and delivered the world’s first 13,000 TEU liquefied natural gas (LNG) dual-fuel-powered large container ship series first ship – “CMA CGM BAHIA”, which is built for the French shipowner CMA CGM.

This is another world’s first clean energy container ship completed and delivered by Hudong-Zhonghua after the world’s first LNG dual-fuel-powered 23,000 TEU ultra-large container ship, which continues to consolidate the position as a leader in the field of large and ultra-large dual-fuel container ships.

The vessel has an overall length of 336 meters, a beam of 51 meters, a depth of 26.8 meters, a designed service speed of 21 knots and a maximum capacity of 13,200 TEUs.
The vessel adopts LNG dual-fuel power system and is equipped with a 14,000 m3 LNG liquid cargo tank of Mark III liquid cargo containment system. Also, it is equipped with the world’s first CMD-WinGD9X9DF-2.0 main engine of China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC)’s own brand, and the world’s new-generation Intelligent Control of Exhaust Recirculation Error (ICER) system, which reduces methane escape in gas mode by 50 %, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more than 28 %.

The vessel is specially fitted with a huge wind flow deflector at the bow, which saves 2%-4% of fuel consumption during operation. An energy-saving deflector is also installed at the stern of the ship, which can improve propeller propulsion efficiency and reduce energy consumption by about 1.5%, and crucially, significantly reduce CO2 gas emissions. Therefore, with the features of flexible container loading, leading technology, energy saving and environmental protection, the ship is the latest generation of green, energy efficient container ship in the world, and will become the largest dual-fuel container ship operating on South American routes.

During the construction of this series of boxships, Hudong-Zhonghua pushed a series of new digital construction methods.For example, VR design, intelligent lifting code, 3D vision technology to detect defects in steel plates, digital test box, hatch cover digital arrangement and other technologies have been widely used, greatly improving the quality and efficiency of construction.

France’s CMA CGM has made decarbonization its core strategy and was the first shipping company in the world to build LNG-powered container ships. So far, Hudong-Zhonghua has built five world’s first 23,000 TEU dual-fuel container ships for CMA CGM, and subsequently signed contracts for the construction of five conventionally-powered 15,000 TEU large container ships, six 13,000 TEU dual-fuel large container ships, and four optimized 23,000 TEU dual-fuel ultra-large container ships, so that the cooperation between the two sides has been further deepened and strengthened.

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