Wison Offshore & Marine’s FGMP Solution Receives Approval-in-Principle (AiP) from BV

On December 6, Bureau Veritas (BV) issued an Approval-in-Principle (AIP) to Wison Offshore & Marine’s Floating Green Methanol Plant (FGMP) solution. This important milestone marks the recognition of the technical feasibility of Wison Offshore & Marine’s clean energy solution, and the necessary preparation for the commercialization and industrialization of this technology.

Methanol, as a carbon-neutral keystone energy source instead of fuel, is easy to transport and store, and can be used directly as a low-carbon fuel for vehicles and ships, as well as one of the carriers for large-scale storage of hydrogen, with a hydrogen storage density of up to 13%wt.

Wison Offshore & Marine’s Floating Green Methanol Plant is a floating plant that utilizes renewable energy to produce green methanol by electrolyzing water with renewable energy sources (e.g. wind power, photovoltaic power, hydropower, etc.) to produce green hydrogen. Hydrogen is further reacted with carbon dioxide captured from the off-gas of an on-shore petrochemical plant to produce green methanol, and no carbon emissions are generated during the entire production process.

If the captured carbon dioxide comes from the flue gas of a power plant, the product produced is called electro-methanol. Compared with onshore methanol plants, the floating green methanol plant has a high degree of system integration, a small footprint, and can be located away from the community for safety and environmental protection, and its mobility and flexibility allow it to adapt to different environmental needs, and the process of methanol production realizes the utilization of carbon dioxide resources.

Wison Offshore & Marine said, “The future forms of energy utilization will focus on renewable energy and nuclear power. Wison Offshore & Marine is committed to providing efficient and integrated EPCIC solutions for the energy industry, including floating LNG facilities, onshore standard modular LNG plants, floating wind power, floating natural gas to methanol, floating green ammonia and other clean energy solutions. The successful development of the Floating Green Methanol Plant is another innovation of Wison Offshore & Marine in the field of clean energy solutions”.

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