Jiangnan Shipyard Completes Sea Trial of Ultra-large Ethane Carrier

Recently, Pacific SP Minerva (H2684), the third ultra-large ethane carrier belonging to Pacific Gas (Hong Kong) Holdings Limited a subsidiary of Shandong Ocean Group, successfully completed the 8-day sea trial, laying a solid foundation for the smooth delivery of the vessel.

This sea trial covers more than 10 test tasks, including main propulsion system, operating system, shaft system vibration, cabin automation, cabin vibration, noise and axle belt generator. The sea trial showed that the hull structure of “Pacific SP Minerva” is stable, and all systems and equipments are functioning normally, reaching the expected design objectives and fully equipped with sailing capability.

It is understood that the ethane carrier officially started construction in July 2022 at Jiangnan Shipyard of China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC). The ship adopts the original self-developed B-tank cargo enclosure system (BrilliancE) developed by Jiangnan Shipyard. It is designed with an overall length of 230 meters, a beam of 36.6 meters, a depth of 22.5 meters, and a hold capacity of 99,000 m3, making it the first ship of its type in the world in terms of loading capacity.

The ultra-large ethane carrier is expected to be delivered in the first quarter of 2024, providing customers with ethane transportation services and promoting the enhancement of China’s energy independent guarantee capacity. By now, the scale of Shandong Ocean Group’s ethane fleet has reached 25% of the global share, ranking first in the world.

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