Mawei Shipbuilding delivered the world’s largest Open-top Container Ship

Recently, Mawei Shipbuilding, a subsidiary of Fujian Shipbuilding, successfully delivered the first 3700TEU container ship to MSC.

This container ship measures 209.9 meters in overall length, 35.6 meters in breadth, 22.2 meters in depth, 11 meters in design draft (about 31,200 tons deadweight), 12 meters in structural draft (44,500 tons), and has a design speed of 19 knots, with an endurance of up to 15,000 nautical miles.

It is reported that 3700TEU container ship is the first ultra-large open top container ship with high value-added, high technical performance and high difficulty exported abroad in China, which is currently the world’s largest open-top container ship.

By adopting the design of rail frame, the container ship has improved the loading and unloading efficiency, which can greatly reduce the work of moving boxes, opening hatch covers, lashing deck boxes, etc., shortening the residence time at the port terminal. The construction of the container ship has successfully broken through a number of key technologies in the design and manufacture, which will provide technical reference for the design and construction of subsequent types of ships in the future.

It is understood that Fujian Shipbuilding signed an order with MSC for ten 1,800 TEU container ships and two 3,700 TEU container ships in 2021.

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