Wuchang Shipyard Signs Contract for Construction of 3 Sail-Assisted RORO Vessels

On January 2, Wuchang shipyard signed a contract for the construction of 3 sail-assisted RORO carriers with LD SEAPLANE SAS, a subsidiary of France’s LDA.

The vessels combine methanol-fueled and wind-assisted propulsion systems with two methanol-fueled main engines, two methanol-fueled auxiliary engines, six Flettner rotating wind turbines and two sets of stabilizer fins, as well as advanced automation systems such as an energy optimization and management system, an energy-efficiency management and monitoring system and a gas emission monitoring system, all of which are designed to significantly reduce carbon emissions from the transportation of Airbus aircraft components.

Moreover, these innovative configurations provide powerful and environmentally friendly power under all weather conditions, which can significantly reduce fuel consumption and pollutant emissions, and significantly improve the efficiency and economic benefits of ship propulsion and transportation.

When delivered, the ships will transport Airbus aircraft components across the Atlantic between the production site in St. Nazaire, France, and the single-aisle aircraft final assembly line in Mobile, Alabama, USA. Each new vessel will have the capacity to transport approximately 70 40-foot containers and six single-aisle aircraft components, including wings, fuselages, engine mounts, horizontal and vertical tails, whereas current cargo ships can only transport three to four components.

According to Nicolas chracritien, Head of Sustainability and Environment at Airbus, “renewing our fleet is an important step in reducing our impact on the environment” and it is expected that the new fleet will reduce average annual carbon dioxide emissions from 68,000 tons to 33,000 tons by 2030, making a significant contribution to the achievement of peak carbon and carbon neutrality targets. This project has demonstrated high technical superiority and obvious commercial advantages, and is a good demonstration of modern green and low-carbon ships supporting the sustainable development of the shipping industry.

Wuchang shipyard and LDA have been cooperating for many years. The 11 13,000DWT deck carriers built and delivered by Wuchang Shipyard for LDA are operating well, and the 6 13,000DWT deck carriers under construction are also proceeding smoothly according to the planned nodes, which will ensure quality and on-schedule delivery.

The project of 3 sail-assisted RORO carriers is a milestone of strategic significance for Wuchang shipyard. It not only broadens Wuchang shipyard’s breakthrough of new energy ship types, opening up methanol fuel, sail-assisted and RORO ship types, but also expands the diversified cooperation with shipowners.

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