Wuhu Shipyard Signs Contract for 4+6 89,000 DWT “Methanol Dual Fuel” Bulk Carriers

Recently, Fujian Guohang Ocean Shipping (Group) Co., Ltd. and Wuhu Shipyard Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony for the construction of 4+6 89,000 DWT Methanol Dual Fuel Bulk Carriers.

The 89,000 DWT “Methanol Dual Fuel” bulk carriers signed this time are equipped with biodiesel-capable methanol dual fuel power system and optimized methanol fuel tank capacity. The combination of biodiesel and green methanol fuel not only directly realizes zero greenhouse gas emission, but also takes into account the economy of operation through the flexible ratio of fuel structure.

In addition, this ship type not only reduces the weight of the vessel by line optimization, lightweight design, integrated design of propeller and energy-saving device, but also further improves the energy efficiency level of the vessel. Simultaneously, it is equipped with high-grade ship intelligence systems to improve ship safety and reliability, enhance ship operation and management efficiency, and reduce management costs.

It is reported that in FY2023, Fujian Guohang Ocean Shipping has successively signed agreements for 10+10 newbuildings, among which 10 vessels are under construction and 10 vessels are option vessels (of which 6 are proposed to be signed).

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