Jiangnan Shipyard Receives an Order for Three 99,000 m3 VLECs Again

On December 5, Pacific Gas (Hong Kong) Holdings Limited, a subsidiary of Shandong Ocean Group, signed a contract with Jiangnan Shipyard for the project of three 99,000 m3 very large ethane carriers (VLECs).

The contracted vessel will utilize the B-type liquid cargo tank technology independently developed by China. The ship is designed with an overall length of 230 meters, a breadth of 36.6 meters and a depth of 22.5 meters, and its loading capacity ranks the first in the world for the same type of ship.

The three VLECs will subsequently complete the capacity allocation in the form of leasing.After the completion and delivery, they will provide long-term ethane transportation services for customers, and the controlled capacity of Shandong Ocean Group’s VLEC fleet will reach 1.593 million cubic meters, further enhancing the industry influence and international competitiveness.

Yangzijiang Shipbuilding

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