Dalian Shipbuilding Launches Two Types of LCO₂ Carriers and 50,000 m3 Floating LCO₂ Storage and Injection Unit

On December 5, at Marintec China 2023, CSSC Dalian Shipbuilding officially released the ship designs of 50,000 m3 Floating Liquid Carbon Dioxide (FLCCD) Storage and Injection Unit, 20,000 m3 Liquid Carbon Dioxide (LCCD) Vessel, and 12,000 m3 Liquid Carbon Dioxide (LCCD) Vessel.

At the launching ceremony, CCS, DNV and LR respectively issued AiP Certificate of Approval in Principle to Dalian Shipbuilding for the corresponding ship types.

Among them, the 12,000 m3 liquid carbon dioxide carrier is an expansion and upgrade on the basis of the actual ship product. On the premise of maintaining the technical advantages of medium-pressure storage tanks, the ship’s transportation capacity is significantly enhanced. The ship has mature technology of storage tank and liquid cargo system, moderate ship scale, strong portability, and obvious market advantages. Dalian Shipbuilding has successfully researched and developed 20,000 m3 low-pressure liquid carbon dioxide carriers with new high-strength cryogenic steel and cargo system as a breakthrough, launching low-pressure liquid carbon dioxide vessels for the first time and providing a brand-new path for the development of large-scale development of this type of vessel.

Aiming at the growing demand for ocean carbon sequestration, the 50,000 m3 Floating Liquid Carbon Dioxide Storage and Injection Unit will provide reliable technical equipment for the implementation of long-distance offshore carbon sequestration scenarios in multi-carbon source locations. Moreover, it demonstrates to the industry the latest research and development achievements of Dalian Shipbuilding in the field of marine carbon transportation and carbon sequestration. The joint appearance of the liquid carbon dioxide transportation vessel and the floating equipment builds a new development mode for the marine CCUS industry, effectively promotes the scale and integrated development of the CCUS industry, and wins a high degree of attention in the industry.

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