CCS Completes the First AIP for Marine Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Power Generation System in China

Recently, CSSC 712 R&D Institute has gained the “Certificate of Approval of the Principle of Marine Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Power Generation System” issued by China Classification Society (CCS). This is the first time that the principle of marine SOFC power generation system is approved in China, and it is a milestone for SOFC to realize marine application, marking a key step for the application of this series of products in the field of ships, and playing a leading role in the industry demonstration.

Marine SOFC power system features high power generation efficiency (its own power generation efficiency is close to 60%, and its efficiency in combination with hot gas turbine can reach more than 80%). Marine SOFC power system is green, easy to modularize and assemble, with a wide range of fuel choices (natural gas, coal gas, biomass gas, methanol, etc.), and does not require precious metal catalysts, with strong adaptability, it is a fuel cell with high application prospects, and it has already been concerned by a number of international ship groups, and the relevant research abroad has entered the commercial demonstration and application stage of 100-kilowatt to megawatt level.

China Classification Society (CCS) has conducted several in-depth exchanges and verifications with the fuel cell team of CSSC 712 R&D Institute on the marine SOFC power generation system in terms of system principle, structural/electrical diagrams, process flow, risk assessment, test outlines and reports, etc.

Finally, after the strict evaluation by CCS, it was confirmed that the developed marine SOFC power generation system fully complies with the “Guidelines for Fuel Cell Power Generation Devices for Ship Applications” and the relevant classification specifications and technical requirements of CCS, and fully affirmed the technical strength and practical achievements of 712 R&D Institute in the field of marine SOFC power generation system.

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