Sumec Marine won a new contract for 4 CROWN63 PLUS bulk carrier

Recently, Sumec marine Co., Ltd. (Sumec marine) has signed a new construction contract for 4 CROWN63 PLUS bulk carriers (CROWN63 Version 3.0) with AVIC International Leasing Co., LTD.

The vessel features three major advantages:

Great performance: the cargo capacity has increased dramatically, and the figures for speed and fuel consumption have been significantly improved over the CROWN63 2.0 version, with EEDI values well above the baseline, making it the superior of the PHASE 3 stage ships.

Excellent design: By cooperating with Japanese professional design company, we re-optimize the hull line shape and adopt energy saving and consumption reducing design to upgrade the advantageous ship type.

Full Configuration: This series of vessels is optimized to provide multiple configuration options such as low resistance paint, desulphurization tower, high-voltage shore power system, ship intelligence system, etc., to meet the needs of various shipowners in a variety of scenarios.

Currently, Sumec Marine has contracted 53 bulk carriers of CROWN63 3.0 version, and successfully delivered 3 of them.

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