world’s first eSOV with ZEVI will be built in UK

Bibby Marine and consortium partners announced that the successful awarding of funding from the Zero Emission Vessel Infrastructure (ZEVI) competition.

This trailblazing initiative sees the construction of the world’s first zero-emission electric Service Operation Vessel (eSOV). The award comprises of match funding to build this pioneering vessel – the first of its kind and a huge step towards achieving the marine industry’s net-zero ambitions.

The vessel will be approximately 90 meters in length overall and will be equipped with methanol dual-fuel power engines and 20 MWh of batteries. In areas close to shore, the vessel will be battery-powered; during long voyages between home ports and offshore wind farms, the vessel will use the methanol dual-fuel engine. This reduces carbon emissions by 90% compared to conventional fuels, and in the absence of charging facilities, the vessel can charge its batteries via the methanol dual-fuel engine, reducing carbon emissions by 50% compared to conventional offshore SOV.

Yangzijiang Shipbuilding

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