Taiwan CSBC Corporation Delivers 12,000 HP Titan Hulk AHTS

Taiwan CSBC Corporation held a naming ceremony for Titan Hulk, an anchor handling tug supply vessel, in Kaohsiung on Tuesday (Jan. 16).

Taiwan CSBC Chair Cheng Wen-lung presided over the ceremony, where he said the new ship would become a powerful tool for the offshore engineering industry. Cheng said it will also be useful in maritime projects like installing pilings, underwater foundations, and rescue and salvage operations, per UDN.

At the moment, Taiwan does not have a rescue ship with the capabilities of the Titan Hulk, which has a deck area of 580 square meters and deadweight tonnage of 2,900 tons. The carrying capacity and horspower of the ship is enough to transport most heavy items like anchors, mooring equipment, and offshore platforms.

Titan Hulk is also equipped with a DP2 dynamic positioning system, which can maintain the position and heading of the ship under difficult conditions such as northeasterly monsoon winds, which occure in Taiwan each winter.with regard to towing capacity.

The ship can accommodate 46 people. It can also perform support services for oil spill cleanup, transporting chemicals, and handling hazardous goods.

Titan Hulk will be especially useful in providing towing and anchor mooring support for Taiwan’s Phase 3 offshore wind power block development, which will include the installation of floating wind turbines.

Source:Taiwan News

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