CMI’s retrofit design of ammonia fueled VLCC awarded by two classification societies

Recently, China Merchants Industry’s(CMI) Ammonia Dual Fuel Power Retrofit Program for VLCCs has been awarded Approval in Principle by CCS, which signifies that the retrofit program has been successfully certified by two major classification societies, CCS and DNV.

The project is jointly developed by two companies under CMI – China Merchants Marine and Offshore Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Yiulian Dockyards (Shekou) Limited.

In July 2023, the 80th meeting of the International Marine Environment Protection Committee (IMO MEPC) considered and adopted the IMO Strategy for GHG Emission Reductions from Ships to 2023, which calls for countries to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. This new strategy will further stimulate shipowners’ willingness to adopt green alternative fuel power systems.

Green ammonia prepared from renewable energy sources as an alternative fuel for ships has the advantages of lower carbon emissions, easier availability and easier storage and transportation. In addition, the ammonia industry is well established, which contributes to the wider application and popularization of ammonia.

With the continuous development of ammonia dual-fuel engine technology and the gradual improvement of refueling facilities, the formulation and implementation of relevant norms and regulations will also provide a strong guarantee for ammonia as fuel. hipowners adopting green ammonia as alternative fuel will be able to respond more flexibly to the uncertainty of future fuel supply, thus avoiding business risks.

It is reported that the conversion program aims to transform the traditional fuel-powered ship into one equipped with ammonia dual-fuel powered system, which adopts MAN’s ammonia dual-fuel main engine and is equipped with two 3,750 m3 C-type ammonia fuel tanks. The program meets the requirements of China CCS, DNV and IMO standards, and lays a solid foundation for CMI to receive more orders for ammonia dual-fuel powered ships.

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