Fujian Huadong Shipyard Phase II Project gets into construction

On January 2, Fujian Huadong Shipyard Phase II project was officially commenced in Luoyuan County, Fuzhou City. On that day, a ceremony was held to mark the start of the second phase of the Fujian Huadong Shipyard project.

It is reported that the total investment of the project is about RMB 500 million. After completion, Huadong Shipyard will have four large dry docks, the ship repair dock length of 1614.5 meters, its scale is in the forefront in China.

It is expected that the annual ship repair output value will reach about RMB 2 billion and the annual ship repair output will reach 400 ships. By then, Huadong Shipyard will become the preferred large-scale ship repair base for shipowners along the southeast coast of China.

According to reports, Huadong Shipyard has three docks, respectively, for 300,000 tons, 170,000 tons and 100,000 tons, with annual ship repairs at about 260. After years of accumulation, Huadong Shipyard has a large number of customers. Also, Huadong Shipyard has a relatively high brand effect in the international shipping market, so it is urgent to expand the production capacity to meet the ship repair needs of international shipping.

The project includes the construction of an 80,000-ton wide-body dry dock and the renewal of the original 410-meter wharf. When commissioned, it can increase ship repair production by another 150 ships.

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