Fujian Shipbuilding achieved the disposal of 12 vessels stocked in 2023

In 2023, Fujian Shipbuilding achieved the disposal of 12 vessels in stock for the year. Mawei Shipbuilding, Southeast Shipyard and Funing Heavy Industry under Fujian Shipbuilding disposed of all the vessels stocked in the factory. Fujian Shipyard has realized RMB 1.34 billion of annual capital recovery, which is 124% of the annual de-stocking capital recovery target of RMB 1.08 billion, and has realized the recovery of capital exceeding the target for two consecutive years.

It is reported that Fujian Shipyard has established a systematic overseas ship asset management system and emergency risk prevention and control mechanism. Meanwhile, it has continuously strengthened the daily safety supervision of operating vessels, daily tracking records of ship positions, monitoring of daily operation, docking inspection and ship certificate status, etc., so as to effectively safeguard the safety of domestic and overseas ship assets, and no marine accidents occurred on operating vessels in 2023. Also, it strengthened the investigation of buyers’ background, creditworthiness and financial strength, effectively prevented and resolved the risks of ship resale disposal and collection, and recovered USD 90.22 million of operating ship funds for the year.

In addition, Fujian Shipbuilding timely canceled 17 single-vessel companies that have completed the resale of ships and the related accounts have been settled, saving the single-vessel company’s management fee of about 10,200 U.S. dollars. Through visiting the market, seminars and exchanges, the company further strengthened the market analysis and judgment, and actively communicated with the tax department of Tianjin Dongjiang, securing an export tax rebate of 10,722,200 RMB and 990,000 RMB for the enterprise development fund.

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