World’s first 325,000 DWT methanol dual-fuel powered large ore carriers receive order

Recently, GREEN DOLPHIN 325, the world’s first 325,000 DWT methanol dual-fuel powered ore carrier optimized for bauxite, has received an order for the construction of two vessels. The project is jointly developed and designed by Shanghai Ship Research and Design Institute (SDARI) of CSSC and COSCO Shipping Bulk. The shipowner is COSCO Shipping Bulk and it will be built by COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry (Yangzhou).

The ship is flexible in operation with strong applicability. The cargo hold capacity has increased by more than 40% compared with the traditional ore carriers of this scale, which makes the vessel not only capable of loading iron ore, but also more suitable for loading alumina-vanadium ore with lower density to achieve a full load in the hold.

The vessel features a low-wave drag-enhancing line shape for sailing in wind and waves in the mid to high latitude regions of the Indian Ocean, which improves the overall performance by more than 5% and gives the ship owner more competitive operating fuel consumption. The loading design takes into account both the traditional Brazilian iron ore terminal and the unique requirements of the West African Guinea terminal.

By adopting methanol as the main fuel for alternative energy and applying the design idea of methanol/fuel oil bunker, the vessel meets the requirements of different phases of CII throughout its life cycle, providing a greener and more economical solution for the shipowner.

From 230,000 DWT ore carriers, 264,000 DWT WOZMAX ore carriers, 300,000 DWT ore carriers, 325,000 DWT GUAIBAMAX ore carriers to 400,000 DWT VALEMAX ore carriers, SDARI’s ore carrier series has already formed a full ship type coverage from small to large. Since 2012, 74 VLOC projects with a capacity of more than 300,000 DWT have been ordered by SDARI, with a domestic market share of 86% and a global market share of 46%.

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