Huanggang signed orders for 84 smart ships, China has speeded up the construction of Green and Intelligent Ship Industry on Inland Waterways

On December 22, the pilot demonstration of green and intelligent inland vessels of Hubei Province was held in Huanggang City, at which Huanggang’s ship enterprises signed orders for 84 intelligent vessels.

At the promotion meeting, Hubei Hechuang Industry, Hubei Changjiang Ship Supply Chain and Xinyuan Enterprises Group, Guangxi Changhai Shipping, Zhoushan Wange Shipping, etc. signed orders for 57 vessels, including new energy multipurpose carriers, asphalt vessels, heavy lift vessels and container vessels, etc., with an order value of about RMB 5.4 billion(About $756 million). Among them, there are 30 green ships signed with Russia for Volga river-sea direct shipping, with an order value of about RMB 1.8 billion(about $252 million).

Also, Huanggang City, Hubei Hongtai Group, Wuhan Great Sea Technology Development and Hubei Dongchu New Energy Technology, jointly signed financial leasing and ship construction contracts for a total of 27 ships, which of green and intelligent business ships and tourist boats.

On the same day, Huangzhou and Wuxue, the 2 ten billion ship industrial park project started intensively. These two parks are green ship intelligent “eight” industrial park projects in Hubei Province. After operation, the two parks are expected to reach a combined annual output value of RMB 25 billion(about $3.5 billion), helping Huanggang to build a national green and intelligent shipbuilding demonstration area on inland waterways.

Huanggang is an important comprehensive transportation hub. The city boasts 220 kilometers of Yangtze River coastline, 6 ports, 38 cargo terminals, 1 first-class water transport ports, and the port throughput ranked first in Hubei Province for two consecutive years. After decades of development, Huanggang shipbuilding industry has an annual construction capacity of 2.6 million deadweight tons and an annual repair capacity of 1.7 million deadweight tons.

At present, there are 9 ship-repairing technology-qualified enterprises in the city. It has obvious advantages in the field of chemical ships, engineering ships, river and sea direct ships, bulk carriers, LNG dual-fuel ships etc. The shipbuilding industry market share of Huanggang accounted for one-third of Hubei Province, the number of shipbuilding enterprises in the province’s second and the construction capacity of the province’s third.

The Chinese government has supported the transformation and upgrading of the city’s shipbuilding, constructed the two 10-billion shipbuilding industrial parks in Huangzhou and Wukan, and made every effort to build a national inland river green and intelligent shipbuilding demonstration area.

With a total investment of RMB 7.8 billion(about $109.2 million), Huangzhou Green Intelligent Ship Industrial Park will take Hechuang Heavy Industry as the leader of the enterprise, and makes efforts to build an innovation demonstration park for ship whole life cycle service with green intelligent ship as the main target. The project covers one green intelligent ship industrial park, two industrial base construction, eight industrial functional areas and multiple industrial application scenarios. After completion, it is expected that the annual output value can exceed RMB 15 billion, drive employment of 20,000 people, and create tax revenue of RMB 1.5 billion.

Wuxi intelligent new energy ship industrial park, will invest RMB 10 billion(about $140 million) for construction. The park will take Hubei Port Group and Wuxue City Investment Development Group set up a joint stock company as the leading enterprise. Upon completion, the park is expected to have an annual output value of up to 10 billion dollars.

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