World’s first research and training ship with remote control and autonomous navigation capabilities launched in China

On December 25th, Dalian Maritime University’s intelligent research and training vessel was launched in Dalian COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry. The ship is the world’s first research and training ship with autonomous navigation, remote control and autonomous operation functions.

The ship is 69.83m in length, 10.9m in width, 17.5 knots in service speed, 1430 tons in displacement, propelled by two 1500kW dual full electric pods, powered by three 1520kW diesel-electric units and equipped with bow thruster and sway-reducing fins, with a crew of 50 persons. The vessel can realize normal scientific research and teaching in class IV sea state and return safely in class VI sea state.

The vessel has a length of 69.83 meters, a beam of 10.90 meters, a depth of 5.0 meters, a design draft of 3.5 meters, a design speed of 18 knots, a range of 2,500 nautical miles, an all-electric pod propulsion system, and it can navigate in unlimited navigable area. Simultaneously, the vessel has applied for i-Ship (R1,No,M,I), an additional mark for intelligent ships, which can realize autonomous navigation, autonomous collision avoidance and automatic berthing and mooring, and provide safety assessment and auxiliary decision-making during the whole life cycle of the vessel through the intelligent hull.

Equipped with a pair of non-retractable rocking fins, the ship greatly improves the seaworthiness, stability, safety and the comfort. Compared with conventional ships, it also has an intelligent equipment laboratory and multimedia teaching and training room, which can meet the needs of research and training. After completion, the ship will be built into a high-end platform for the application and comprehensive test of intelligent ship technology and a platform for training in intelligent shipping for Dalian Maritime University.

It is reported that the vessel is scheduled to enter service in June 2024.

Yangzijiang Shipbuilding

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