Wuhu Shipyard receives orders for up to 10 new energy bulk carriers

On December 5, at Marintec China 2023, Wuhu Shipyard Co., Ltd. signed a construction contract for 4+2+2+2 new energy bulk carriers of 89,000 DWT with Fujian Guohang Ocean Shipping (Group) Co. This type of ship will reserve methanol dual-fuel power system, depending on the methanol shore-based supply capacity or can meet the direct use of methanol.

Compared with the 82,000 DWT and 85,000 DWT bulk carriers currently on the market, the 89,000 DWT bulk carriers of this batch are expected to have a lower fuel oil consumption of 0.54 to 1.39 tons per day with 4,000 to 7,000 tons of additional cargo. The new vessel will be equipped with a fuel optimization system and an energy consumption control system, which can save energy by automatically planning the route, speed and fuel consumption according to the requirements of wind direction, current direction, wave height, longitudinal inclination of the vessel and time of arrival in the area where the vessel is sailing at sea.

This type of ship adopts double load line, when the harbor has restriction on the loading depth of the ship, it can choose shallow draft load line. When the loading port has deeper draught, 89,000 tons of cargoes can be loaded fully to maximize the ship’s benefit. The energy consumption control system of this type of ship is mainly designed for high-power seawater cooling water pumps and fans, which can be adjusted by frequency conversion according to the change of ambient temperature. In addition, this type of ship is also equipped with anti-vortex fins, propeller front pre-deflector, holding shaft type axle belt generator and other equipment.

In order to improve the safety and reliability of the vessel as well as the efficiency of ship operation and management, this type of vessel will also apply the Ship Intelligence System (SIS). There are 6 intelligent symbols in the current ship intelligence system, and 4 of them will be applied to this 89,000 DWT bulk carrier.

Including N symbol, ship navigation safety assistance system, with night vision, fog penetration, behavior recognition, collision avoidance prompts, etc. E symbol, ship energy efficiency system, realizing ship emissions and monitoring of oil consumption and storage quantity, etc. M symbol, ship cabin equipment monitoring system, monitoring the data and operation of all key equipment and prompting management personnel to do preventive maintenance, avoiding the occurrence of mechanical accidents.

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