Beihai Shipbuilding Signs Contract for New Generation GuaibaMax 325,000 Tons Methanol Dual Fuel Ultra Large Ore Carrier Project

On December 5, at the Marintec China, CSSC Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. together with CSTC, Bank of Beijing Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. and Shandong Ocean Develpoment Co., Ltd. signed a contract for the construction of four 325,000 DWT Methanol Dual Fuel Ultra Large Mineral Ore Vessels of the GuaibaMax type.

It is reported that this type of ship is specially designed for Brazilian mining giant Vale to transport iron ore, adopting methanol dual-fuel system and advanced decarbonization technology, a number of energy-saving measures including wind rotor and high-voltage shore power, which is widely regarded as the world’s most energy-saving super-large ore ship.

A milestone in independent innovative design

The GuaibaMax 325,000-ton methanol dual-fuel super-large ore carriers signed this time are 340 meters long and 62 meters wide, classed by DNV and CCS. The project is designed by CSSC China Ship Design & Research Center Co., Ltd (CSDC), which fully demonstrates its strong strength in the field of designing super-large ore carriers.

Excellent combination of environmental protection and efficiency

The project maximizes the methanol fuel tank design to make full use of the cargo space. The design is equipped with a desulfurization tower and EGR system to reduce harmful emissions. It meets NOx Tier III standards in both methanol and fuel modes, and is fully EEDI Phase III compliant even in fuel mode. Compared to conventional fuels, methanol combustion produces fewer harmful emissions, reducing CO2 emissions by 86.5%, NOx emissions by 60% and SOx emissions by 99%.

Application of innovative energy-saving technologies

This project adopts a number of energy-saving technologies such as wind rotor, high-voltage shore power, shaft belt generator and seawater pump/nacelle fan frequency conversion, aiming to improve the energy efficiency of ship operation. In terms of structural design, the whole ship has been calibrated by finite element method to ensure the structural safety under complex working conditions such as elastic vibration and tremor.

Carrying capacity and adaptability beyond previous generations

The super-large ore carriers have a lower draft while maintaining the same deadweight, which significantly enhances port adaptability. Equipped with a highly efficient ballast water system, it fully meets the demand for efficient loading in major ports such as Brazil. In addition, the larger cargo hold capacity allows for the transportation of lower density ores. In terms of energy efficiency, the propulsion power under the same speed is reduced by about 7.2%, and the daily fuel consumption is reduced by 5 tons, which is a significant improvement in energy efficiency.

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