Furui CIT successfully delivered 3x55m³ LNG semi-trailers to Australia

On Nov. 22nd 2023, Furui CIT successfully delivered 3x55m³ LNG semi-trailers to Australia. This is another significant breakthrough for Furui CIT in Australian Market.

Australia has rich natural gas reserves, and the best mineral resources. Furui CIT relying on leading automatic welding equipment, efficient assembly line manufacturing process, advanced non-destructive testing and vacuum insulation guarantee technology, FRCE takes customer convenience as the primary purpose, focuses on product quality, and creates this batch of products with creativity.

The Australian market positioning is high, the owner’s strict requirements on standards and norms, short delivery time, tight time, and heavy tasks are the characteristics of this project. Furui team work together, relying on a strong project management system, to achieve quality and quantity, beyond the standard to complete the delivery in advance.

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