Wind farm Maintennance vessel completed sea trial built by Yuexin Ocean

The first unit out of eight High Speed Wind Farm Maintenance vessels ,built by Guangzhou Ocean Crown Technology Co.,Ltd.,Subsidiary of Yuexin Ocean, has completed her sea trial successfully, the remaining 7 units will set out for sea trial one after another in the following three months.

The vessel is named as “LING ZHOU 801” , she has 38m long, 11m wide , is built to CCS class, and is the Largest High Speed Wind Farm Maintenance vessel in domestic at present. During her sea trial , she completed her stability test ,steering test,speed test,turning circle test ,anchor-heaving test,etc., She has hit a top speed of 23Knots during her sea trial ,exceeding its design target and expectation.

When she finally enter service , she will undertake tasks of daily operation and maintenance work in the offshore wind farm industry, contributing to clean energy and renewable energy industry.

Yangzijiang Shipbuilding

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