China’s first offshore photovoltaic intelligent piling vessel comes into operation

Recently, the first set of offshore photovoltaic intelligent piling equipment “Dianjian Haizhuang 001” officially started operation, which is independently invested, researched and constructed by Power China, solving the problems of offshore photovoltaic construction, and realizing a brand-new breakthrough of China’s offshore photovoltaic in the field of near-shore construction.

Offshore photovoltaic is very promising, but completely different from the inland construction and working environment, under the influence of multiple factors such as tides, waves, typhoons, etc., the reliability of the technical program, the economy, and the ease of construction are the crucial for the current offshore photovoltaic project to be able to land.

As one of the earliest enterprises engaged in new energy business such as photovoltaic and wind power in China, Northwest Institute of Power China has formed a technical service system, technical standard system and scientific and technological innovation system on behalf of the country’s comprehensive competitiveness. After 2 years of research and development, design, and 3 months of construction, the first set of offshore photovoltaic intelligent piling equipment “Dianjian Haizhuang 001” was officially launched, making up for the lack of specialized construction and operation and maintenance vessel equipment for offshore PV in China.

“Dianjian Haizhuang 001” is an intelligent offshore equipment specially designed for offshore PV piling construction, with a length of 66.66 meters, a width of 22 meters, a depth of 4.5 meters, and equipped with 2 sets of 30-meter, 30-ton Kringle cranes, 2 sets of 5-meter mobile carts, and 2 sets of fixed positioning piles. The equipment overcomes the current construction pain points of offshore PV construction and realizes intelligent control.

The equipment is efficient in piling, which increases the efficiency of piling equipment by 3~4 times compared with that of piling equipment for offshore wind power and other marine projects. Precise positioning breaks through the single anchor positioning and adds the comprehensive solution of mobile cart and anchor, which not only realizes precise positioning, but also avoids the influence of surging waves in the construction process. Intelligent control integrates five systems: ship management, piling and positioning, energy efficiency management, safety inspection, and video monitoring, fully realizing the effective combination of ship and shore.

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