HGK Shipping orders a gas tanker with special dimensions

European shipping company HGK Shipping has ordered an innovative gas tanker from Dutch shipyard De Gerlien van Tiem Scheepsreparatie-Nieuwbouw.

This new vessel has the unique feature of being able to navigate in shallow waters. “The unconventional dimensions guarantee a particularly high load capacity, even if water levels are low,” HGK Shipping said.

The vessel is equipped with a highly efficient diesel-electric drive system, a technological innovation that expects to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. This environmental friendly feature is in line with the industry’s increasing focus on sustainability and reducing carbon footprint.

This gas tanker features an extra wide design, which greatly enhances its load carrying capacity. The increased space ensures that the vessel can accommodate large gas cargoes, making it a formidable competitor in the gas transportation market.

Besides, HGK Shipping is actively developing alternative drive systems, including diesel-electric hybrid drives and purely electric or hydrogen-powered ships, at its Shipping Design Center,in line with its decarbonization efforts.

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