ContiOcean Has Successfully Delivered The First Set of Wind Deflector EPC Project for Container Vessel

The X-Press Carina smoothly departed from COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry Shanghai at 6:00 am on September 13th, 2023, accompanied by the sounding of the whistle. It signifies the successful delivery of ContiOcean Group for Singapore X-Press Feeders on wind deflector EPC project for container vessel.

X-Press Carina is a newly delivered vessel of X-Press Feeders, with the overall length of 272 meters, width of 42.8 meters and container capacity over 7,000 TEU. By installing the wind deflector on the bow for significant reductions in wind resistance, the fuel savings and an emission reduction is up to 2%.

ContiOcean Group successfully delivered the first set of container vessel wind deflector , resulting in a 2% reduction in fuel consumption and emissions. It signifies another successful development by ContiOcean Group in energy-saving devices, following PSV, HAVF, and rudder bulb. Furthermore, it represents another milestone for ContiOcean Group in delivering EPC turnkey projects after the completion of the EGCS EPC project. This accomplishment highlights ContiOcean Group’s advancements in marketing, R&D, as well as project management capabilities.

Since established, ContiOcean Group is focusing on the development and research of marine and offshore environment protection solutions. Its core business mainly covers the fields of marine and offshore environment protection solutions, marine clean energy solutions, and smart shipping. At present, based on the exhaust gas clean system reference of the hundreds of vessels, ContiOcean Group has developed the products covering LNG/LEG-fuel gas supply system, Methanol/LPG/Ammonia-LFSS fuel supply system, LNG/LPG/LCO2/ammonium-cargo handling system. Further more, the carbon capture system developed based on the ContiOcean exhaust gas clean system will be delivered and installed in 2024.

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