ZPMC launched a double-boom luffing crane vessel

Recently, Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery (ZPMC) held a ceremony to celebrate the launching of a 5,500-ton double-boom luffing crane vessel built for CCCC Second Harbor Engineering, marking that the double-boom luffing crane vessel, which has the most advanced technology and the largest lifting capacity among the same vessels in China, has entered into installation of lifting jibs and commissioning of the equipments, which lays a foundation for the smooth commissioning of the vessel.

As reported that the vessel has an overall length of 165 meters, a beam of 52 meters, a depth of 11 meters and a design draft of 6.5 meters. It adopts 3 sets of 3350 kW main generator sets, 2 sets of 2000 kW propellers and 2 sets of 800 kW lateral propellers, equipped with 8-point mooring and positioning system, with a lifting capacity of 5500 tons. Its lifting capacity and lifting height can cover 130 meters span non-navigable hole bridge lifting, with 47 meters height limit navigability.

It is the first time that a green and energy-saving shipwide grid management system is introduced on an engineering vessel. Meanwhile, the vessel also adopts green energy-saving technologies such as photovoltaic energy storage and high-efficiency permanent magnet motors as well as the operation auxiliary decision-making system, and applies the operation environment sensing system that includes wind, wave and current measurement with the vessel.

After delivery, the vessel will focus on bridge engineering, hydraulic engineering and offshore wind power construction.

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