Longer-Endurance CTV with ‘Sleep Aboard’ Capability Unveiled

NAV Engineering (NAV), a subsidiary of Newport Shipping established in 2023, unveiled its latest Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) design, HybriNav35.

At 35.4m long, HybriNav35 is designed to cater for increased endurance of up to two weeks, where crew will be able to sleep onboard the vessel.

This design specification will enable the vessel to support infield transfers and transits between sites 24/7 in O&M and Construction on far-offshore locations.

The design shares some similarities with the previous HybriNav26 in that both vessel designs have a unique hull design, which allows them to be tailored to clients’ requirements. The 26m design has waterjet propulsion, whereas the 35m design has a variable pitch propeller. Both vessels are designed for hybrid propulsion with a 300kWh battery and both can run on HVO biofuel.

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