New Dayang Shipbuilding Awarded Contract For Two CROWN63 3.0 bulk carriers

On January 18, New Dayang Shipbuilding, a subsidiary of Sumec marine Co., Ltd, successfully signed a new shipbuilding contract for two CROWN63 PLUS bulk carriers (hereinafter referred to as “CROWN63 Version 3.0”) with Japan’s Kasuga Shipping, which opened the prelude to Sumec marine’s entry into Japan’s shipbuilding market.

It is understood that CROWN63 3.0 bulk carrier measures 199.99 meters in overall length, 32.26 meters in width and 18.80 meters in depth. This ship type is the “star” product of Sumec New Dayang Shipbuilding, with complete independent intellectual property rights, and so far Sumec New Dayang Shipbuilding has built and delivered hundreds of this ship type.

The CROWN63 version 3.0 features the following three main advantages:

Good indicators: the cargo capacity has increased dramatically, and the figures for speed and fuel consumption are significantly better than those of the CROWN63 2.0 version, with EEDI values far exceeding the baseline, making it an excellent candidate among PHASE 3 vessels.

Excellent design: Sumec marine re-optimizes the hull lines, adopts energy-saving and consumption-reducing design, and realizes the updating and upgrading of the superior vessel type.

Full Configuration: Sumec marine actively promotes the configuration of its product series, providing a variety of configuration options such as low resistance paint, desulfurization tower, high-voltage shore power system, ship intelligence system, etc., to meet the needs of different shipowners in a variety of scenarios.

It is reported that this project is not only the first order forSumec marine to enter the Japanese market, but also makes the total number of orders received of CROWN63 3.0 reach 62, ranking the top in the world.

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