SHI awarded contract for 2 VLACs, as the first order in 2024

On January 18, Samsung Heavy Industries(SHI) announced that it has received an order from an Oceania-based shipowner for two very large liquid ammonia carriers (VLACs) with a total value of KRW 315 billion (approximately $234 million), which are expected to be delivered by November 2027 in sequence. This is the first order for SHI in 2024.

Including the latest order, SHI’s handheld VLACs have increased to six, including a very large liquefied petroleum gas carrier (VLGC) capable of transporting liquid ammonia.

SHI said that it will stick to the strategy of taking orders for environmentally friendly and high value-added ships such as LPG and ammonia carriers this year.

Earlier, on January 2, SHI announced that it had been awarded a contract for the construction of an FLNG for Canada’s Cedar LNG, valued at about $1.5 billion. The order was signed on December 29, 2023, so it is included in SHI’s 2023 results.

SHI has taken orders for a total of 29 new vessels (blocks) worth US$8.3 billion in 2023, achieving 87% of its annual target of US$9.5 billion. By ship type, it includes 16 methanol dual-fuel container ships, 7 LNG carriers, 2 tankers, 2 VLACs, and 2 FLNGs.


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