The world’s first 7,500 m3 liquid CO2 tank lifted aboard

On January 16, Dalian Shipbuilding successfully completed the lifting and installation of the world’s first 7,500 m3 liquid CO2 tank, marking the completion of Dalian Shipbuilding’s milestone construction node, and taking a solid step towards realizing the goal of “Pioneer” for the supply of marine CCUS equipment.

The tank consists of two 3,750 m3 IMO C-type liquid cargo tanks, which have a maximum load pressure of 19 barg and can withstand low temperatures of -35°C. The tanks are made of newly developed materials with high strength and low temperature resistance.

Simultaneously, in order to further improve the upper limit of load capacity, the maximum plate thickness of the tank reaches 50mm, which exceeds the conventional plate thickness requirement of IGC rules. The development of the tank has broken through a series of technical problems such as low-temperature toughness and low-temperature cracking resistance of extra-thick steel plates.

Yangzijiang Shipbuilding

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