CPGC completes performance verification of Onboard Carbon Capture System

Recently, under the joint witness of ABS, BV and NK, Onboard Carbon Capture System (OCCS) developed by CSSC Power(Group) Co.,Ltd(CPGC) under China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) has successfully completed the performance verification test.

The OCCS system’s CO2 capture performance, operational reliability and other key technical indicators have been fully verified. According to the test, the CO2 absorption capacity of OCCS is not less than 88%, the energy consumption of desorption is not more than 2.8 GJ/tCO2, the system operation economy is excellent, and the technology level has reached the international leading level.

CPGC possesses the world’s leading marine power test facilities, which can maximally fit the application scenarios of seagoing ship power. The successful test of the OCCS is an important milestone in the development of CPGC’s onboard carbon capture technology. Based on this, CPGC will expand the serialization spectrum of the OCCS and lay a solid foundation for real ship applications.

At present, CPGC is making every effort to promote the implementation of low-carbon and zero-carbon marine power solutions. The successful test of the OCCS will help CPGC realize the all-round layout of green and low-carbon ship power, promote the process of green and low-carbon development of shipping and implement the greenhouse gas emission reduction targets of the IMO.

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