HPS Receives Order for 2 More 1250TEU Methanol Dual Fuel Containers

Recently, an optional order of 2 x 1,250 TEU methanol dual-fuel containers of CSSC Huangpu Wenchong Shipbuilding(HPS)has come into effect.

In September 2023, HPS signed a contract with a German company, Elbdeich, for the construction of 2+2 methanol dual-fuel containers.

This type of container is a new type of environmental friendly ship adopting methanol, fuel oil dual fuel and EGR, which can meet the emission requirements of Tier III of the IMO. It is also equipped with shaft-belt generator, which can fully recover the energy generated by the main engine operation, and can save energy consumption and reduce the shipowner’s operation cost to a certain extent, making it an energy-saving, highly efficient and economical green ship.

HPS is a leader in the construction of feeder containers, currently holding orders for 45 feeder container vessels, with a world-leading market share. The shipyard has received orders for 41 feeder containers of the “Honghu” series, and has successfully delivered a number of green vessels, such as 1,400 TEU dual-fuel container vessels, hybrid oil-electricity business vessels, and 9,500 m3 multi-purpose gas carriers, etc.

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