China’s first domestically built large cruise ship completes maiden voyage, and the second enters general assembly construction stage

On January 7, the first domestically-built large cruise ship “Adora Magic City” successfully completed its maiden voyage.

China’s first domestically built large cruise ship has a total tonnage of 135.5K DWT, with a length of 323.6 meters, molded breadth of 37.2 meters, design draught of 8.26 meters, and maximum height of 72.2 meters. The ship carries 107 systems, 55,000 pieces of equipment, including 25 million components. It has 4,750 kilometers of cables, 365 kilometers of pipelines, and 120 kilometers of air ducts. It has 2,125 guest rooms and can accommodate up to 5,246 passengers. It is equipped with a 16 floors, 40,000 square meters living and entertainment public area, and is known as a mobile “modern city on the sea”.

It is worth mentioning that Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of CSSC, has commenced the HVAC duct EPC project, plastic pipe and elevator EPC project of the second domestically-made large cruise ship, which entered the stage of general assembly construction. It is expected that the ship will be docked in April 2024 and realize the goal of general assembly and embarkation.

Yangzijiang Shipbuilding

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