Jiangnan Shipbuilding Delivered 93,000m3 LPG Carrier HANNIBAL

On January 4, the sixth vessel (H2740) of the 93,000m3 series of ultra-large liquefied gas carriers built by Jiangnan Shipbuilding, a subsidiary of CSSC, for Petredec was and delivered.

The H2740 is the 22nd vessel built by Jiangnan Shipbuilding for Petredec. The two partners have been cooperating since 2006, and over a decade of cooperation has resulted in a “deep understanding and tacit understanding”. The name “HANNIBAL” is, as usual, taken from the winner of the famous Epson Derby, which means that the boat will be at the top of Petredec’s fleet.

The 93,000m3 VLGC is the fourth generation VLGC boutique type (Panda 93P) independently developed and designed by Jiangnan Shipbuilding. The vessel has an overall length of 230 meters, a beam of 36.6 meters and a service speed of 16.5 knots. Adopting the fourth generation of patented line shape (VS-Bow MK-IV), the vessel provides excellent and balanced performance under full load, ballast and liquid cargo loading conditions with different specific gravity.

As the finale of the series, the vessel was docked on August 15, 2023, which saw the vessel improve over its predecessor in a number of production nodes.

Yangzijiang Shipbuilding

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