World’s largest FPSO project enters hull closing stage

On December 30, Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Qidong Marine Engineering Co., Ltd. held a ceremony for loading the bow section of N1151 (P-82) FPSO (Floating Production and Storage Vessel), marking that the overall construction of the world’s largest FPSO entered the hull closing stage.

N1151 (P-82) FPSO is constructed by COSCO SHIPPING (Qidong) Offshore. With an overall length of 360 meters, a beam of 60 meters, a depth of 34.3 meters and a gross hull weight of more than 80,000 tons, the FPSO is the largest FPSO project in the world so far.

The project is designed to store 1.6 million barrels of oil, with a daily capacity of 225,000 barrels of oil and 12 million cubic meters of natural gas. The FPSO will be connected to 16 wells (9 oil producing wells and 7 reinjection wells), equipped with CO2 capture and geological storage (CCUS) technology and utilizing dispersal moorings.

It is reported that the bow section of the project started construction on June 6, 2023. As the key equipment for the development of offshore oil, FPSO is a comprehensive large-scale offshore production facility integrating production and processing, storage and transportation, as well as life and power supply, and is called “offshore oil and gas processing plant”.

Compared with other forms of oil production platforms, FPSO has the advantages of strong wind and wave resistance, wide range of adaptable water depth, large oil storage and unloading capacity, as well as transferable and reusable, etc.

It is widely used in the development of deep sea, shallow sea and marginal oil fields far away from the coast, and has now become the mainstream production mode for the development of offshore oil and gas fields.

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