Watts Energy & Engineering Receives Order for 7,500 m3 LCO2 C Liquid Cargo Tank Project

On December 5th, Dalian shipbuilding Offshore held a signing ceremony with Watts Energy & Engineering and Cryolobe Gas Technology during Marintec China, announcing that the 4th set of Liquid Cargo Tanks, Gas Supply System and (FGSS) project of the world’s first series of 7,500 m3 liquid CO2 Carrier (LCO2 C) has come into formal effect.

This project is the 4th vessel in a series of 7,500 m3 CO2 carriers ordered by the European company Northern Lights. The CO2 carrier is the centerpiece of Northern Lights’ first Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) project to sequester industrial CO2 emissions. The entire range of cryogenic CO2 tanks and LNG dual-fuel gas supply systems are supplied by Watts Energy & Engineering and Cryolobe Gas Technology.

Meanwhile, this project is another in-depth cooperation between Dalian shipbuilding Offshore, Watts Energy & Engineering and Cryolobe Gas Technology after the third 7,500 m3 CO2 carrier project and the 8,500 m3 LNG refueling vessel project, which is another important milestone for the shipping industry to steadily push forward the decarbonization process under the goal of green and low-carbon transition and “double carbon” Milestone.

Yangzijiang Shipbuilding

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