World’s First OCCS System Conversion Project for Bulk Carriers was Signed

On Dec. 6th, the global first carbon capture system retrofit project for bulk carrier was officially signed in MARINTEC CHINA 2023 Watts Energy booth.

This signing ceremony marks a new beginning for the further cooperation between Watts Energy and Zhongtaihai Carbon on the carbon capture system retrofit of stock vessels. The first project is the retrofitting of a bulk carrier with onboard carbon capture and storage system.

Onboard Carbon Capture System (OCCS) is the application of carbon capture technology in CCUS to ships. It separates and captures CO₂ from the exhaust gas or fuel emitted by ships, and transports it to the destination for resource utilization or injects it into the seabed/strata for sequestration, preventing it from entering the atmosphere, so as to achieve a permanent reduction of CO₂ emitted by ships.

As a disruptive carbon emission reduction technology, OCCS offers the possibility for ships to realize substantial carbon emission reduction under the use of mature and low-cost traditional fossil fuels, and provides a feasible path for the green and low-carbon development of the shipping industry.

Watts Energy specializes in providing innovative energy storage and transportation equipment solutions for the global energy, shipping, petrochemical and offshore engineering industries. The company provides ship repair, ship conversion, offshore wind power operation and maintenance services, and is a leader in green and low-carbon solutions for the shipping and offshore engineering sectors.

With excellent dock facilities, location and rich experience in liquefied gas system, Watts Energy can provide services for more than 150 ships per year including docking repair, special ship repair, ballast water treatment system modification and other regular engineering services. Furthermore, the company has the professional ability for liquefied gas carrier maintenance and dual fuel gas supply system retrofit projects.

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