COSCO Shipping Heavy Industries Zhoushan ‘s 5500HP Pure Electric Intelligent Tug Design got AIP by CCS

On November 30th, COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry Zhoushan’s 5500HP pure electric intelligent tug design project got the Approval-in-Principle (AiP) certificate issued by China Classification Society (CCS).

The tug is equipped with a battery capacity of about 12,000 kWh. Combined with the company’s existing photovoltaic power generation system, it adheres to the principle of green at the source, and can truly realize zero emission in the whole life cycle.

Compared with the conventional power tugboat, the project can save about 400t of fuel and reduce CO2 emissions by about 1,100t per year. Moreover, the tugboat can be used as a mobile energy storage system, which can reasonably arrange the energy storage in the wrong peak and provide guarantee for the enterprise’s power emergency.

The development of this tugboat meets the CCS intelligent ship specification, remote control R1 requirements. In the process of developing the tugboat, the technicians combined big data, artificial intelligence, 5G communication, Beidou positioning etc., and fully applied key technologies such as situational awareness, maneuvering modeling, motion control, ship-shore communication, intelligent group control, etc., to realize remote control, laying the foundation for the subsequent tugboat fleet to realize cluster-based remote operation.

The development of pure electric intelligent tugboat provides reference basis and demonstration effect for the green and intelligent transformation of each port/terminal.

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