DACKS’s Digitalized Container Test System Starts Operation

Recently, Dalian COSCO KHI Ship Engineering Co Ltd.(DACKS) officially launched the digital box test system in the first class box trial of the fifth 24,188 TEU ultra-large container ship. It marks that the company has made another step in the digital transformation of shipbuilding and empowered high-quality development with “digital”.

It is understood that the box test is an important link in the production and construction of container ships, the traditional box test process is to use the physical box with the crane test, there are many unfavorable factors such as occupying the crane time is long, the cost is high, by the weather and other external influences, as well as the existence of the safety hazards of falling from a high place.

With the continuous construction mode of DACKS’s double-dock ultra-large container ships opened, the significance of breaking through the original process and adopting the digitalized box test which is more high-quality, high-efficiency, safe, and saves crane resources is especially prominent.

As an important part for the company to implement scientific and technological innovation and digital intelligent manufacturing, the whole process is mainly divided into five modules: data scanning, model building, data export, data analysis and output report, etc. The whole process is automated, with higher accuracy, without using the crane to cooperate, without the need for personnel to ascend to the heights for data measurement, truly realizing the integration of science and technology innovation into the process of safe production and construction.

Digital box test system with its unique advantages, successfully replacing the traditional trial box, the use of this technology, so that the container ship test link is not subject to crane resources and personnel and other factors, breaking through the physical box test for a long time dependent on the crane repeated operations of the bottleneck, and effectively improve the lifting system in the traditional method of heavy workload, low operating efficiency of the status quo, the single-vessel savings of more than 80% of the crane resources, 70% of the operating time,which saves nearly one million yuan in various costs for a single ship.

The digital box test operation is not only affected by the weather, which greatly reduces the risk of personnel working at height and crane lifting the actual box lifting, but also significantly improves the safety of the production.

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