Türk Loydu officially becomes a member of IACS

IACS announces the accession of Türk Loydu into membership with immediate effect, after a successful verification of their compliance with the IACS Membership Criteria.

Membership of IACS is dependent solely on meeting a range of qualitative criteria, including compliance with the industry’s gold-standard, Quality System Certification Scheme (QSCS). Meeting this standard requires independent, external accreditation, vertical contract audits of a number of ships both in service and under construction as well as Head Office and Survey Location audits. Applicants also need to demonstrate conformity with the functional requirements of the IMO’s Goal-based Ship Construction Standards for Bulk Carriers and Oil Tankers as well as a range of other criteria related to their ability to provide classification and statutory services and to support the full range of IACS’ activities.

This thorough and robust application process provides IACS with assurance that the entire Türk Loydu fleet is in full compliance with all IACS Resolutions, with the exception of some ships that are readily identifiable on the Türk Loydu website. In accordance with IACS’ Membership criteria, these ships will also either become fully compliant within 3 years or will need to de-classified by Türk Loydu after that period.

During this time, Türk Loydu ’s status will be that of a non-voting member of IACS but meeting the same minimum quality standards and with equal rights of participation in all IACS working groups.

Türk Loydu ’s achievement in meeting the performance levels required of IACS members marks a further improvement in maritime safety by bringing their classed ships under the oversight of IACS’ rigorous QSCS regime.

IACS Chair, Nick Brown, welcomed Türk Loydu saying “I am pleased to see that Türk Loydu’s long-standing commitment to reaching the standards required of IACS Members has enabled them to join the Association. I look forward to working with our new member as we address, collectively, the many challenges that face a maritime industry transitioning to new fuels, technologies and digital applications.”

Robert Ashdown, IACS Secretary General, stated “Türk Loydu’s success demonstrates that IACS’ challenging but achievable Membership Criteria provide a catalyst for improving the quality of class societies and the consequent enhancement of maritime safety.”

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