China’s most advanced offshore jack-up support platform was successfully completed

Recently, Qingdao Haixi Heavy-Duty Machinery Co., Ltd(HHMC), a subsidiary of CSSC Wuhan Marine Machinery, held a completion ceremony for the 75-meter water depth offshore jack-up Support  platform “Huadong Yard 308”.

The platform is classified by China Classification Society (CCS) and is the second offshore jack-up Support platform built by Zhejiang Powerchina Huadong Engineering Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Powerchina.

“Huadong Yard 308” is currently the largest and most advanced technical indicators of the comprehensive exploration platform for new marine energy, can be tens of square kilometers to achieve a positioning accuracy of 50 centimeters, the operating area can cover the planning of China’s wind farms in various sea areas.

In the field of offshore wind power development and construction, wind farms that are 65 kilometers away from the shore or in water depths of 50 meters are usually referred to as deep-sea wind farm. If the “Huadong Yard 306” is the beginning of the deep sea, then “Huadong Yard 308” will lead the development of offshore wind power deeper and farther.

The platform is a four-legged self-elevating engineering platform with electric rack and pinion lifting, which consists of platform body, pile legs (with pile boots), lifting system and auxiliary propulsion system.

The platform has a large deck area for exploration operations. At the same time, the bottom of the platform is designed to have a certain inclination, and four truss-shaped pile legs with a chord length of about 5.0 meters are arranged at the four corners of the platform body, with rectangular pile boots. The platform is mainly designed for geological exploration, scientific research and testing of offshore wind farms, and the main operating areas will be Guangzhou, Fujian, Zhejiang and other sea areas.

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