HD Hyundai develops electric propulsion system for large ships

HD Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering(HD KSOE) and HD Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. have secured Approval in Principle (AIP) from the UK’s Lloyd’s Register for their groundbreaking low-carbon electric propulsion system (phase II) for super-large crude oil carriers, according to the companies’ holding company HD Hyundai Co. on Friday.

The 30-megawatt (MW) electric propulsion system, which leverages medium voltage direct current (MVDC) and solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technologies, is designed for 300,000-ton crude carriers.

The system is anticipated to match the propulsion efficiency of larger conventional engines while achieving “net-zero” carbon emissions.

This innovation follows the two firms’ accomplishment last February when they obtained a conceptual design certification from Lloyd’s Register for the same system.

The system’s energy efficiency has improved by 20% compared to existing models, and power quality has been boosted by about 40%.

Notably, this was achieved while reducing the system’s overall weight by a fifth, according to a spokesperson from HD Hyundai.

The firm has emphasized its dedication to domestic innovation, noting that key equipment and technology were developed in-house.

This approach mirrors South Korea’s drive for technological self-reliance in pivotal industries.

Looking forward, HD Hyundai is targeting 2027 for a land-based demonstration of its propulsion system and is planning a full-scale commercial rollout by 2028.

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