Sea Forrest’s Marine Battery System Earns BV Approval

Sea Forrest (SF), a provider of specialist marine electric propulsion and energy management solutions, has been awarded type approval from Bureau Veritas (BV) for its SEAGEN 11 modularized marine propulsion battery module system.

SEAGEN 11 is the first marinized lithium-ion battery system for marine propulsion to be designed, built and assembled in Singapore. Together with the battery management system, which was also designed, built and programmed in Singapore in collaboration with GenPlus Pte Ltd, the modularized system allows flexibility of installation onboard different marine platforms, confined spaces and ease of stringing up battery modules to meet various battery voltage requirements.

The type approval from BV confirms that SEAGEN 11 meets the IMO guidelines, which will facilitate its implementation onboard vessels by streamlining the Flag State approvals required for lithium-ion energy storage solutions.

George Lee, CEO of Sea Forrest, said, “Sea Forrest believes that achieving net-zero in the maritime sector is paramount and inevitable. Aligned with IMO’s 2030 and 2050 strategies in charting a course toward a sustainable future, the type-approval from Bureau Veritas for our SEAGEN 11 marinized battery marks a significant milestone for our sustainability efforts in the maritime industry. This certification affirms the viability of our technology as a solution for lowering emissions on both new and existing ships. We hope that this innovation will propel the industry forward towards mass adoption to reduce the maritime carbon footprint.”

David Barrow, Vice President, South Asia at Bureau Veritas, said, “Electric propulsion systems are a clear pathway to decarbonization, particularly for short-range and return to base marine operations. Ensuring the safety of battery systems is vital. ”

Bureau Veritas and Sea Forrest will continue to collaborate beyond this type approval, exploring the development of high-performance batteries and advanced battery management systems. In addition, the two companies will work together on updating classification rules and standards to ensure relevance and easy application in the rapidly evolving landscape of marine batteries and propulsion technology.

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