CMHI Haimen shipyard delivers the latest generation of jack-up offshore wind installation platform

May 18, China Merchants Heavy Industries Haimen shipyard (CMHI Haimen shipyard) delivered the 2000-ton jack-up offshore wind power installation platform “Daqiao Haifeng”, which was invested 1.2 billion yuan by China Railway Major Bridge Eng Engineering Group (MBEC).

Among the offshore wind power installation platforms that have been built so far, “Daqiao Haifeng” has the longest pile legs and the strongest comprehensive lifting capacity of the crane, and a number of performance indicators have reached the international leading level.

It is reported that the main crane of “Daqiao Haifeng” adopts double main hook design, with double hooks lifting up to 2,000 tons, the above-deck lifting height of 160 meters, and the secondary hook lifting weight of 800 tons, which is the largest in China. Equipped with advanced thrusters, the platform has a speed of 8+ knots and can install a turbine in as little as 48 hours.

The four piling legs of “Daqiao Haifeng” platform can extend 105 meters out of the platform’s bottom and penetrate into the seabed, lifting the platform out of the water and reducing the impact of surges. The strong hull of “Daqiao Haifeng” and the DP-2 power positioning system enable the platform to have stronger positioning ability and higher wave resistance, to reduce the positioning time and improve the operational efficiency, which can withstand force 16 winds.

Now, the largest wind turbine has been launched is 22 MW, while “Daqiao Haifeng” has the capability of transporting and installing two sets of 25 MW wind turbines in an integrated construction.As a platform with an unlimited navigation area, Daqiao Haifeng can sail around the world for construction work, and it can accommodate 120 people for up to 45 days at sea.

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